I’m racking my brains. At work. For a benefit concert. To raise funds for the brain foundation.

Brain. Not. Functioning. Typing, deleting, typing, deleting.

What do I say in this letter? How do I even start writing about this? Do I cut to the chase, go for the jugular and ask for money? I’m kidding. I guess, before anything else, I should reflect on why this project means something to me (and to the rest of my family).


21 years ago, we lost my grandfather to Cancer. I was four when we lost him. Save for a few fragments of his funeral, I truly do not remember much.

I’ve been told that they also needed to keep his sugar and cholesterol in check. Ultimately though, what killed him was the tumor that was embedded deep in his brain. In his final days, he had lost not just his hair but also his sight.

Did I mourn his passing? It would be a lie to say that I mourned it, because I didn’t.  True, I was crying at his funeral, but only because it seemed like the proper thing to do. Everyone else was doing it.

Then again, my comprehension as a four year old was sadly limited to “what to eat” (like the ensaymada at his funeral) and “what not to eat” (like Yaya Becky).

In all seriousness though, while I didn’t mourn his loss then, I do long for him today. I don’t believe you can mourn something you never had. You can, however, long for it.

I long for his presence, his friendship, his humor (which I hear is a lot like my Dad’s). I even long to see that huge mole under his nose. I’m sorry, Lolo. Peace. But really, I stare at your picture at work everyday and wonder what it would be like to have you around.

Snapping back into reality.

Here’s why we need to raise funds for these children:

  • These children still have a chance. They deserve a new lease of life.
  • Lolo loved children. I love children. We all love children.
  • Lolo died from a brain tumor. What better way to honor his memory than by helping children suffering from the same illness? We weren’t able to save Lolo then. But we can save others now.
  • I’ve been presented with the opportunity to change lives, why not grab it?

Why am I even wasting time rationalizing this? Let’s go, Sab! Kape lang  yan. Let’s get back to work.

Mind over matter.


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