The Bodyguard


To my dearest bodyguard and agent,

I know you get an email alert everytime I post something on my blog. I know you love me that much. Hehe. Kidding aside, I know that it’s your way of always checking up on me, and knowing if you need to throw a life vest in my direction. You know what I realized? You’ve been that life vest during life’s storms.

July 2013 has been incredibly difficult for me (alam mo yan) but you made me realize that I had it in me to get through it. I truly hate this month but IT IS your birth month, so in a way, I can’t completely discount the fact that there are still things AND people like you to be thankful for. You are a blessing to all of us. Really. No matter how stubborn you can be sometimes, I still love you. Haha.

I am so proud of you, Kuaks. You’ve come such a long way…. Let’s rewind a bit to the time/s we would argue at Sugar House about ehem. Kalimutan na yun! Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy. Haha.

I will never forget how you were first to rush to my aid in 2011. Think cockroach eyes. Haha. And I’ll always be grateful that you prioritized me during your return last week. I’m sure you know I needed that. 😉

Haba na rin ng “love story” natin. From AC (new student days) to SEP (x to the 20 tooth power) to ADMU to post college drama up to today.

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KUAKS! You deserve all the happiness in the world. I LOVE YOU!

P.S. This photo is a reminder that we’ve got each other’s backs. 😉


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