Heart of Gold

The heart has a way of healing and the mind, a way of detaching. Detaching in the sense that it cushions the blow and cocoons you until you are ready. Ready to face reality. Ready to respond to the outside world of both genuine souls and insensitive pricks. This feeling comes in waves, without pattern... Continue Reading →

One Day

You know nothing of my journey. Not a clue, not a glimpse, not an inch.   And since you don't, don't ask me questions. Don't pretend to understand. Don't feign concern. Just don't.    Your words infuriate me but it's your ignorance (your gall...to say people who didn't make it should relax and try not to kill... Continue Reading →

Nothing Else Matters.

Broken. Clipped. Once again, I am on my knees and scrambling for answers. But find none. What else is there to say? To do? To mourn? To pray? While I believe in providence and wisdom in all things, I am giving universe the finger right now. I am giving myself the leeway to curse, to cry,... Continue Reading →

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