Once more, with Feeling

While feeling has its pits and the sporadic stab, generally, it is a wonderful thing. I now wonder why I used to deny it and hide behind the entire stoic façade. None of us go unscathed anyway. So why not just lose yourself in the emotion and feel the way you do? And doesn’t it... Continue Reading →

Oh Whoopi Day.

I'm on a Sister Act high. I was fortunate enough to see it on West End, with Whoopi Goldberg in the cast. She doubled as the show's co-producer and as Mother Superior in the new smash hit musical. The set was magically thought out and crafted, the music divinely put together by Mr Menken and, the... Continue Reading →

Dorset, England.

If it weren't such a good day, I would have had a bitch fit. If God weren't so damn good, I'd cry my eyes out. My aunt dropped my camera (my beloved G11 which I had saved up for) while we were at a ROCKY (Kailangan talaga rocky di ba??) area at Lullworth, Dorset. Anyway,... Continue Reading →

I’m a good girl, I am.

(Journal: August 1, 2010) Mr. Rupert "Why do you have to be gay?" Everett. I had the biggest crush on him at the height of My Best Friend's Wedding's popularity. I knew in my heart that whatever hopes I had were false and that whatever fantasies were, or at least had to be, futile...but I... Continue Reading →

The Sting

I got stung today. Allow me to share with you the incredibly random and painful experience of having a bee/wasp/hoverfly pierce my side this afternoon. A few minutes after lunch, the company gathered towards the piano to run through our songs for the Saturday show. As I sang gleefully with the rest, I was interrupted... Continue Reading →

GSA Field Trip: HAIR.

Shaftesbury Avenue, London. As an educational trip for its students, GSA provided tickets to West End shows, some of which were…Legally Blonde, Priscilla, Lion King and Hair. Since I’ve seen the rest (with the exception of Priscilla, and admittedly, I don’t know what the hell it’s about! Haha!), I opted to see Hair. A bunch of... Continue Reading →

GSA Workshop 2

It isn’t about doing things perfectly. Sometimes, it’s about doing them. PERIOD. Today, I plunged into one of my insanely ridiculous fears—singing in front of a crowd. Yes, that sounds crazy. At least for someone in Musical Theater. I should be used to it. I should be flippant about getting criticism- objective or otherwise. I... Continue Reading →

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