GSA Workshop 2

It isn’t about doing things perfectly. Sometimes, it’s about doing them. PERIOD.

Today, I plunged into one of my insanely ridiculous fears—singing in front of a crowd. Yes, that sounds crazy. At least for someone in Musical Theater.

I should be used to it. I should be flippant about getting criticism- objective or otherwise. I should be gung-ho about things like this. But we’re talking about me. Sab, the frustratingly insecure, often-too-calculated, uptight, Rachel Berry-crazy type of girl.

Today, I realized it isn’t so much about being picture or pitch perfect. Sometimes, it’s just about letting go of that stick up your ass and just letting everything else take over.

So without further ado, here’s the video from my workshop yesterday…

Because I trust the people who read this and assume that they won’t judge.


4 thoughts on “GSA Workshop 2

  1. Your performance gave me chills! Wow, Sab! Galing mo!!! And I love that your top has the Philippines on it. Paka-patriotic! Naks! Naeexcite na ako sa kwento mo pagbalik mo! Really proud of you Sabbers! 🙂

    • Oh my God, may bitchy classmate kasi ako na feeling ko.. jinujudge ako for being foreign. HAHAHA. So sinuot ko talaga yung Philippine dress ko! Just to tell her, SUCK IT, BITCH! Haha. Awww thank you, Geru. I was so nervous. Nagcracrack pa voice AT hindi ako humihinga. HAHAHA. I miss you!!

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