When the smog clears, I will not choke I will rise, I will speak, I will sing For truth, for justice and life’s current fight And a world that sees technicolor, not black or white When the chains come off, I will not hide Not in the shadows, not even in the wings I will... Continue Reading →

Turning the Page

A few months ago, my family asked me to put together a book for our company's 38th anniversary. After months of relentless work and preparation, I am delighted to share that Turning the Page: A Collection of Letters, Stories, Prayers and Poems on Love and Loss is now available.  The book includes heartwarming entries from Boy... Continue Reading →

Dear 2020 Self

I woke up one morning feeling like the walls were caving in—as if nothing was going to change the course of things. At least, not in 2020. As I often do when overwhelmed by all things dismal, I wrote. I wrote and wrote and wrote.  I thought about The Sandbox Collective—our little company that could.... Continue Reading →


May 13, 2020 I’m sharing something deeply personal—a thing that rends and tugs at my heart each time it hits the surface.  I was in the bathroom when Little Women’s “Astonishing” came on and the words of Jo tore through me with every word, note and breath.  Now nothing feels the way it was before... Continue Reading →

Just Another Interval

This is Day 45.  I was in the dressing room of Maybank Theater when I received word on the impending lockdown. I drove home and shrugged it off as a temporary and minor delay in the production calendar. We were set to open that weekend. If you’re an actor, you know that when you’ve managed... Continue Reading →

The Story of Us

Hi, everyone! Attempting to revive this blog the best way I know how—by speaking from the heart. Here's hoping it won't take years for me to write again. After all, this blog has been my canvas, and time capsule of sorts. Love and Light, Sab   ***** My work is my life. It’s not to... Continue Reading →

Take Off

(Taken from the Waiting in the Wings Souvenir Program) Dear You, Six years ago, I graduated and set out to find my place in the world. As a toast to legit adulthood, my parents sent me on a graduation trip. I decided I wanted to go back to London. I grabbed the opportunity and took... Continue Reading →

The Last One Standing

So I addressed the proverbial elephant in the room and wrote something deeply personal for the No Filter Book. I can't tell you the number of times I have held my tongue and thought to myself "UHM close ba tayo???"  I know a lot of people on the same boat so I figured it would... Continue Reading →

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