Romy, Michele & the MIDNIGHT OWL.

July 25, 2012—a normal day on its own, but quite the “PERFECT” day to cushion all the week’s blows.I visited my high school alma mater to act as a judge for Buwan ng Wika. Pintasayawit is now “Teknosayawit” by the way (Spelling?). It’s always such a pleasure & privilege being back home, seeing how things... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Quarterlife Crisis-ing Drama Queen

Dreams are one thing, having them come true, another. No one really tells you how difficult it’s gonna be to find a job, to know what you want to do, to have purpose, to be successful, to know thyself, to be happy, to be secure, to be everything and have everything all at once. Post-studies, we’re expected... Continue Reading →

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