Little Miss Insecure

May 17, 2012 It’s so tempting to choose a life of fluff. It’s too easy to fall into that trap—of playing and falling victim to the ironic pit of all things shallow. For some reason, I feel it all the more now, being back on Facebook and all. Going through the newsfeed sometimes feels like invading... Continue Reading →

Peter once saw a ghost & read The Book of Mormon (Weh I’m so corny.)

New York, April 2012 Each trip to New York boasts its own set of adventures, mishaps and goings-on. With the help and guidance of my tito, Brian Jose (a thespian way before I decided to take a crack at it), I got to see Ghost, Peter and the Starcatcher, Once & The Book of Mormon on this... Continue Reading →


You either love her or hate her. I kinda love her. She's my neighbor and guilty pleasure. :pAfter the Brouhaha at the Senate So I’m scanning through my newsfeed. Scanning, scanning, scanning. Laughing...making fun... ...scanning...scanning, breaking into laughter. Breaking into a resounding “ANODAW??” Scanning, laughing, slightly amused, entertained, annoyed, until I become increasingly alarmed at the nasty... Continue Reading →

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