Frenemy Schmenemy

So I've been recently lynched-berated for being "mean" with my girl (well, gay) girl friend. As frustated as I was defending myself, I relented. There was no use arguing with a boy regarding matters on the girl world... a far too complex world of cattiness, dog-eat-dog, underhanded bitching. I've always wanted to write about the... Continue Reading →

I Still Believe

Earlier today, I finally mustered up the courage to walk in there and get some professional vocal training. For years, I'd allow insecurity to get the better of me and allowed complacency to engulf me in a kind of funk. I never thought I was good enough. I entered the apartment with sheer abandon and... Continue Reading →

The Brain Fart that got me Blogging

*Originally posted on the obsession that is Facebook: Today's Brain Fart: Everywhere and Nowhere Well, this is what I’ve been feeling but either too afraid to admit or put into writing… I am going everywhere but nowhere. (WARNING: So will this note.) Earlier, Dad showed me this inspirational video (212 degrees?) for his opening speech for... Continue Reading →

I’m Blogging

I never really believed in a blog. Although admittedly, I secretly did read some of my friends' entries, hoping in a way that I too, would have the same liberty with my thoughts and the same gusto in expressing myself, without a worry that I'd be making a complete fool of myself as I write.... Continue Reading →

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