I’m Blogging

I never really believed in a blog.

Although admittedly, I secretly did read some of my friends’ entries, hoping in a way that I too, would have the same liberty with my thoughts and the same gusto in expressing myself, without a worry that I’d be making a complete fool of myself as I write.  It reminds me of the time when I was absolutely adamant about taking part in the whole Facebook phenomenon. I refused to join the bandwagon, believing I was too anti-establishment to join the nutty network. Here I am eating an entire humble pie. Now I have a blog.

Kill me now. Haha.

Who knows what this blog will do for me? It could help me sort out my too complex thoughts and inconsistent emotions, and perhaps clue the world in on how absolutely clueless I still am about life and its day-to-day intricacies or whims.

I guess you never really know. We catch ourselves thinking thoughts, doing things, going places, experiencing life in ways we never thought we would.

Hello, World, indeed. I will try to write as often as life catches my by surprise and as often as I have something sensible to say. I refuse to be caught dead wearing “Dopey” on my sleeve.

Here’s to a whole bunch of letters and words sewn together in my little intricate boudoir of a brain.

Let’s blog together. Yeah yeah yeah.


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