You either love her or hate her. I kinda love her. She’s my neighbor and guilty pleasure. :p

After the Brouhaha at the Senate

So I’m scanning through my newsfeed. Scanning, scanning, scanning. Laughing…making fun… …scanning…scanning, breaking into laughter. Breaking into a resounding “ANODAW??” Scanning, laughing, slightly amused, entertained, annoyed, until I become increasingly alarmed at the nasty habit

Unless what you say strikes me as scholarly, fairly educational or pure genius, chances are, I’ll take what you say with a grain of salt, and throw it over my left shoulder. I know, it’s a nasty habit. So for the purpose of fairness, you can totally use that against me. Especially if you feel I’m some bimbo with nothing between the ears.

I am not pro-administration. But neither am I completely anti. I am not for CJ Corona but neither am I leaning towards the other side of the fence and hobnobbing with Mr. President—which probably makes it awkward for some people close to me, who may have their respective political alliances. It’s not to say I have no conviction or the ability to make a stand. I just don’t feel comfortable lashing out and coming out with my opinion (on matters social or political) when I’m not 100% informed.  I hate people who do. No offense.

I’m not gonna lie and say I read the newspaper everyday. I wish I did. Neither will I fib and say I’m completely informed on the RH Bill (I haven’t read the entire thing. And I don’t feel comfortable making sweeping judgments about it being anti-church and life…when I haven’t read it word per word.) 

It’s embarrassing and quite irresponsible of me to be passive about these things. I am, after all, a citizen of this country—a bloody irresponsible one. The least I can do is educate myself and make sure I’m completely informed about these things.

I mean, I love reading. To be honest, I just don’t like getting my hands dirty touching the newspaper. (Yeap, OCD hits). But I need to get down and dirty with the information anyway…

Lest I become the bimbo with nothing between the ears.

So help me Jesus.


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