Romy, Michele & the MIDNIGHT OWL.

July 25, 2012—a normal day on its own, but quite the “PERFECT” day to cushion all the week’s blows.

I visited my high school alma mater to act as a judge for Buwan ng Wika. Pintasayawit is now “Teknosayawit” by the way (Spelling?). It’s always such a pleasure & privilege being back home, seeing how things have changed and how youth continues to better the “mold”. I was so amazed by the talent of these students (with creating AVPs especially!). It also reminded me of a time when things were a lot simpler—when school and getting good grades defined my world. “I got so low in Chem!! I hate Miss______” (cue bawling). Hahaha!

After work, Berlina and I headed to the Fort to let the traffic die down, AND to stuff our faces at Stella. After enough goofing around (See slideshow. Ha-ha), we braved our way through the traffic and headed to Katipunan. Lo and behold, my village gate was crowded with media vans and TV crews. Welcome home, neighbor! 

So, she and I headed to our friend’s new snack café, with her map and my masculine sense of direction in tow. (In fairness, hindi ako nawala. Hahaha!) As a batch mate and friend, it brought me so much pride to see her business in full swing!

Camille Anne Sarmiento, better known as “Cas” used to go to Med School. You can imagine the all-nighters. Think med students reading a bajillion books, memorizing stuff (I don’t know what stuff. BASTA STUFF! HAHAHA) and trying to stay awake for exams. Cas always needed a place to study until the wee hours, but no place was ever open until that late…errr early.

Berlina created the logo (which you’ll see on the main signage before you enter the place) and another batch mate of ours (Carla Cruz) did the other graphics! It’s so inspiring–seeing your batch mate strike it out on her own AND succeed. This was all her doing, her very own baby, taking its first steps.

Hence, the birth of MIDNIGHT OWL—a snack café that’s open from 3 pm to 6 am. Yep, they’re open until 6 am!! I think it’s such a novel idea. It’s perfect for this generation—a generation of insomniacs and workaholics, and fine, let’s not forget the crammers.

The garage-turned-café seats a good 35, with hues of orange, blue and white dominating the interiors. With a menu that boasts home-cooked goodness, the price range is also pocket-friendly. Cas was manning the fort/booth herself when we visited. Our AC batch mates would be very proud to know that the place was packed last night. With a steady stream of regulars already (on its opening month!), things are looking bright for the Midnight Owl.

More on Midnight Owl 

Diliman’s first ever “Study” Cafe. ♥

  • Caters to students of all ages (undergrads, post-grad, reviewees) who need a place to stay in, to meet those deadlines, or to stay up reading all those chapters for tomorrow’s exam. Its bright and cozy interiors, air conditioned surroundings, mellow tunes are sure to get you into your studying groove!
  • Serves “midnight snacks”, pastas, sandwiches, and Mom’s home-cooked goodies (Roast beef with mashed potatoes, chicken ala king, lasagna, etc.) at reasonable prices. Experience late night study sessions at the Midnight Owl!

For more information on Midnight Owl, visit their Facebook page:



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4 thoughts on “Romy, Michele & the MIDNIGHT OWL.

  1. Saaaaab!
    That was a good day!!<3 Totally heartwarming to have old friends visit also!
    Nakakamiss ❤ Thanks for this also! Parang it feels all the more legit when it's written down? Tama si Marj, emotional! HUUUUGG

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