Winning—in God’s Perfect Timing

I haven't written in 4 months. Save for a few drafts on my phone which remain untouched, I haven't found the time to sit down, collect my thoughts and write. That, and the fact that everything I wrote just seemed to depress me. Everything sounded like an f-ing lamentation. I told myself I wouldn’t write another... Continue Reading →

Naunahan Ka Na.

"Naunahan ka na..." Three simple words that have the power to send you into that downward spiral. In that split second of self-pity, I also found the courage to shake it off and tell myself "NO. Enough." I should be able to walk my talk, right? A few days ago, I spoke at an APEC... Continue Reading →

A Goodbye Letter

A Goodbye Letter (By Toff De Venecia) Goodbye. To an idea that galvanized and brought this family to together, even from the weirdest and most diverse of backgrounds. Goodbye. To the people and all our collaborators who stepped out of their comfort zones to try something new and maybe, just maybe, surprise themselves. Goodbye. To... Continue Reading →


I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm not as prepared as I was years ago. The least I can do is speak from the heart, right? It’s impossible to compress 7 years into a one-liner anniversary greeting that spells “Aww/Hugot/Feels” . And in true Sab fashion, that would be kidding myself and depriving the world of the annual... Continue Reading →

In Between

There are clear moments in life when you know you're about to begin. And equally crucial ones where you know something must come to an end. But they never tell you how painful 'in betweens' can be. If you ask me, it's the waiting game that really kills. I'm in the middle here. I'm in... Continue Reading →

The Last Five Years

Hello Stranger, I’m taking a chance and writing you an open letter. If reading this helps you, then I feel I would have accomplished something. I spoke to a friend recently and I realized then that I had spent so much time feeling alone in this battle. Little did I know that others were on... Continue Reading →

Stop, Start, Begin Again.

I have been sifting through year-ender posts, most of which follow the same template or thematic. It might sound offensive (like I’m hating on people) but most of them sound like this: “My most challenging year thus far. 2014 taught me SO MUCH. It was a year of ups and downs, of challenges and changes, of endings... Continue Reading →

Best Man

My heart is full. Creating this video was quite the journey. There were a lot of stops, gaps and pauses. But we're here today, and I am grateful to the generous people who made this possible. I'd like to share snippets of that journey with you. Happy Happy Easter from our family to yours. :)... Continue Reading →

Heart of Gold

The heart has a way of healing and the mind, a way of detaching. Detaching in the sense that it cushions the blow and cocoons you until you are ready. Ready to face reality. Ready to respond to the outside world of both genuine souls and insensitive pricks. This feeling comes in waves, without pattern... Continue Reading →

One Day

You know nothing of my journey. Not a clue, not a glimpse, not an inch.   And since you don't, don't ask me questions. Don't pretend to understand. Don't feign concern. Just don't.    Your words infuriate me but it's your ignorance (your say people who didn't make it should relax and try not to kill... Continue Reading →

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