One Day

You know nothing of my journey. Not a clue, not a glimpse, not an inch.
And since you don’t, don’t ask me questions. Don’t pretend to understand. Don’t feign concern. Just don’t. 
Your words infuriate me but it’s your ignorance (your gall…to say people who didn’t make it should relax and try not to kill themselves), which fuels me to just turn and walk the other way. 
You have no idea what it’s like to trudge along this path, to hope each time, to pray and believe this time could be it.
You shouldn’t be a concern. Why do I even bother? You are the least of my worries.  Maybe I should learn to RELAX and maybe, just kill you in my head. There you go. I’m angry. It takes a lot to get me to this place.
I’m channeling this anger into something productive. We will make it and when we do, I vow not to make it difficult for others. I will not gloat. We will celebrate in silence and thank the high heavens.
One day. 



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