Marcelo Makes 3

There’s nothing like watching your best friend getting married, getting pregnant and becoming a mother—all in one year. Much like witnessing a bud in full bloom, seeing Cy’s transformation (from care bear to mother bear?) was both surreal and inspiring.

Dear Cy,

I remember crying to you at Mom and Tina’s because of my insecurity and immaturity (insert regrettable experience here). I recall us sitting and chatting in Saint’s Alp, exchanging ‘tips’ on being independent (yet equally available) for our partners. It seems like it was only yesterday when I almost fell down the stairs because you called to say you were with child.

I would like to believe that you and I have matured a million light years since then. 2013 proved to be the game changer of all game changers.

While it was a year that brought me to my knees, it was also a year of bountiful blessings and new beginnings. I’m no longer the same person. Neither are you. Between the two of us however, I believe you’re way ahead in the race to maturity. A few days ago, I caught a glimpse of you at your most generous, most selfless and most beautiful. You’re now a mother, and I have never been prouder.

As if to solidify your third year together and reinforce the words “I love you”, Marcelo came into your lives in God’s loving and perfect timing. Marcelo makes 3. 🙂

Seeing Saz change his nappies and hearing you utter the words “Anak” brought out the sap in me. I got teary-eyed watching you two take turns and lull him back to sleep.


I know that you’re adjusting. There will be days when you will doubt yourself, fumble and cry. But I want you to know that  in the few moments of motherhood I’ve witnessed you in, you have been nothing but wonderful. Watching all of this unfold has been such a blessing and privilege.  Despite all the challenges this year,  I cannot help but be grateful.

It’s difficult to stay angry at Him when you have so many wonderful reasons to believe and be grateful. Thank you for sharing this with me, Cy. Thank you for keeping me strong this year and for inspiring me to become just as loving and generous as you are.


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