What I remember about May 22


Here’s what I remember about May 22 (2008):

I remember having breakfast at Mom & Tina’s, C5 with The Breakfast Club (Missy, Naj, Yna, Kai and Corn)

I remember Cy texting me to go to Eastwood. She was there with a certain “James”.

I remember getting free passes to Lea’s concert (Thank you, Robbie Guevara. Haha)

I remember being in a VERY COLORFUL outfit— a green jacket, a blue-orange-brown top, leggings and green jelly flats. I also had a blue sling bag. (Don’t ask me what look I was trying to go for. Color blocking na lang kunwari. Haha) It was much later that I found out from Cy that James’ first impression of me was that I was “colorful”. Wew. Thanks. Hahaha.

I remember going up the escalator while checking my red Samsung phone (the back of which I painted with different colors of nail polish). Seriously, what was up with me? Pre-school??? Haha. It was a very “creative” time for me.

I remember looking up to find Cy and friend seated by the candy store.

I remember thinking “Hmmm have I met this guy? He’s cute, but too white for my taste.”

I remember us going to Cheesecake, etc to get… uhhh duh, cheesecake.

I remember the waitress saying that Cy looked like Bunny Paras, that I looked like Pauline Luna and that James looked like….get this… Carlo Aquino. (HAHAHAHA)

I remember excusing myself 30 minutes later to leave for Lea Salonga’s concert.

I remember feeling guilty about ditching.

I remember not expecting anything of that encounter.

(Insert 5 years worth of memories here.)

I remember waking up today with a big, dorky smile on my face

I remember waking up to a sweet post and reading it with one eye closed

I remember dozing off.

I remember waking up again and smiling even wider.

I remember realizing that the 5 years went by so fast.

I remember thinking “Wow. This is insane. I’m still so in love with this person.”

I remember thinking of him.

I remember smiling at random.

I remember wanting to rush out of class to see him.

I remember seeing him in the restaurant and thinking “Aww there he is.”

I remember him indulging my kajologans (3 celebrities happened to be in the same restaurant, and of course I made him pretend to use the bathroom so he’d see them).

I remember him insisting on serving me food before scarfing down his.

I remember going up the same escalator and seeing the same candy store.

I remember getting sentimental and yet wanting to hide the kilig at the same time.

I remember going home and realizing how truly blessed I am to be with him.

I remember May 22 like it was just yesterday.

I mean, I’m still the same Sab (only with an upgraded wardrobe). He’s still the same James (only with a bit more.. hair? sexy weight? Wenk Wenk.).

Overall, I was just reminded of how our little story began. I realized how far we’ve come and how much further and farther I want this to go.

So thank you, Mr. Gregorio.

You have made me incredibly happy, giddy, crazy-in-love the past 5 years.

Happy May 22. I love you.


Your Best Friend πŸ˜‰


One thought on “What I remember about May 22

  1. I remember saying.. ‘Bagay sila!!”, while browsing through my FB friends while chatting w/James on guess what- yahoo! πŸ˜›

    HUGHUG Belated happy 22nd of May!!!

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