Sneak Peek: A House that’s FINALLY a Home

For my Mom’s sanity, I’m only sharing a few photos. While I can’t contain the excitement over this new home,  I also have to be wary about sharing too much information. My personal ‘policy’ is that no photos of the bedrooms may be shown. Some things are better left private and yes, I guess, more interesting when left… to the imagination?

So, here’s a sneak peek of the house that I can finally call home.

P.S. I am not leaving this house until I say ‘I do.’ Wink wink! Hahaha! Congratulations, Mom and Dad! This is/was sooooooooo worth the wait. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: A House that’s FINALLY a Home

    • Hahaha! Thanks, Aye. Si Bym gusto daw mag-sleepover. Sabi ko next year na. Maloloka Mom ko cause you guys are insane…ly cool. /Chos. Hehe I shall say hello for you! Hey, sorry I haven’t been able to reply. Thank you for your VERY INSIGHTFUL TEXT MESSAGE on….effective advertising. I really learned a lot from that one text haha. I shall see you soon! Miss you, Ms. Aye! :p

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