Ending 2011

“How was 2011 for you?”

I’ve been asked that by a number of people, and I guess you can say that the pessimist b!tch in me just felt the need to reply with something surly and nonchalantly bleh—stuff like,


                              “I hated it.”

                                                    “Die 2011.”

                                    “Can we fast forward  to 2012? Like…. NOW??”

So, I did some introspection via iPhoto (I’m a visual learner) and I found myself looking back on the year that was. Cushioned by a pillow under the chin (or double chin) and overcome with the usual bittersweet feeling we all probably experience as every year draws to a close, I looked back. As expected, there were the regrettable moments that I just wanted to zap out or push far far far back into my brain’s compartment labeled “Forget or Die.” Then there were the “What if” moments where certain choices (if made differently) would have steered me elsewhere. And of course, there were the kick-ass and unforgettably amazing moments that just left zee jaw in that dropped state of WO….W.

2011 gave me 12 months to learn. It gave me a full year to experience life in both its beauty and downright nastiness. It taught me to forgive and forget, to embrace victories and even defeats, and  to accept the fact that while life will not always be peachy, it can still be wonderful.

Happy New Year, everybody! Here’s to hoping 2012 treats us well. 

Here were some of my 2011 Highlights 

  • A Banner/BIG year for The Black Fleet! (Bieber, Ed Westwick, West Life, Kenny Loggins, The Smiths, The Younghusbands, etc!)
  • Joining the Family Business
  • Celebrating with the Kythe Children
  • Opening the LAP (Little Angels Playroom, Arlington Memorial Chapels)
  • The Clean and Clear Experience
  • Peter Pan (My 1st with Repertory Philippines)
  • Stella Adler
  • My fiercely solid family
  • Learning the value of real friendships
  • Of course, Year 3 with James (Yiiii. Haha. Pardon the mushiness)

And the list goes on!!

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4 thoughts on “Ending 2011

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  1. Aww Sab!!! Let’s hit 2012 with a boom and a bang! Im glad I got to be part of the highlights :)) YAY BLACKFLEET! Btw, where was that rooftop dinner with James???:)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! cheeeers!

    P.S. Your writing skills made me laugh me head off!

    1. Of course you were part of my highlights! You’ll always be! Naks! Haha. The Rooftop Dinner with James was in Alabang. (Sky Lounge in Vivere?) Kaya lang it was a bit scary because the night we were there was the night someone jumped from the rooftop. :S Either way, if you want the contact details, I’ll give it to you! HAPPY NEW YEAR, my matchmaker! I love you! Hahaha and I am glad that my sabaw and sabog humor makes people laugh. At least, it makes others happy di ba? Hahaha!

  2. Hi Sab! I’ve been reading your blog and I’d like to take this moment to thank you. Thank you for the wise words. You inspire me to be better. I know this entry has been years ago. But I can’t help myself from reading your blog and back-reading previous posts. As a side note, I’m also a big fan of the movie Grease, that’s why I got to watch you in the play last year. Patty Simcox is my favorite character, so of course, my attention was on you. You were such an adorable Patty! Job well done. 🙂 I badly wanted a photo with you then but I got too shy. That and we were in such a rush when the play ended.

    Anyway, your blog is such an insightful read. Thank you thank you very much. I’ve read words that I needed to hear especially at this stage of my life. You remind to be grateful for always. To be strong despite adversaries. And to simply love myself for being me. God bless you always.

    P.S. I love the way you write. You are one talented writer. 🙂

    P.P.S. In your photo slide show, can you tell where you got the bag you were carrying in the photo (white bag with blue leather edge, handle, and strap and you were wearing a yellow dress)? Photo before the “Sab and Jilli” photo 🙂 I apologize for being random, but I can’t help noticing the bag in the photo. So pretty.

    Thank you again Saab. And I hope you’ll continue blogging. You inspire me, and I know your other readers are inspired as well. Stay beautiful. ❤

    1. Hi Martha!
      I’m sorry for replying so late. I took a break from writing and I just checked my blog today. THANK YOU. Really. You don’t know how a simple compliment can turn things around. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot. I am so relieved that my writing isn’t all brain fart/word vomit! Haha seriously though, I’m so glad it helped you. I’ve always been forthcoming with my thoughts (a tad too open at times) but if my honesty helps and heals others, then so be it.

      Yes, life hasn’t been perfect but it hasn’t been bad either. I think at a certain point in your life, you realize that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. It’s all about keeping an attitude of gratitude (despite whatever shit comes your way). So, whatever is is you’re going through, know that it’s temporary. Keep your head up at all times and… pardon the preaching but talk to Him. Pray. 🙂

      Thank you so much for supporting Grease! Patty was such a fun character to play. I hope you don’t think I’m as crazy in real life. Haha. I wish I met you. Feel free to say Hello! I do hope to run into you someday! 🙂

      About the bag, I will have to check my photos. My memory has gotten so bad. I’ll get back to you on that!

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Wanggo Online

portfolio, reviews, blog

The Good Gal Riri

performer / bibliophile / wanderer

Sasha Lim Uy

Eating to Live, Living to Eat, Eating for a Living

L'Oeil du Prince

A blog on theater, arts and culture. Be informed. Be inspired. Be connected.

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