Easy A

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to keep myself sane by shutting up and shutting out the world, limiting myself and what I share to those I truly trust with my life.

Yesterday however, a little birdie told me that the rumor mill was churning… something I had worked hard at forgetting and burying a thousand and six feet under. My initial reaction of course was to jump at the opportunity to deny, explain, defend myself and prove him (and others) wrong. And then I realized a number of things:

1. People will always want to believe the worst about/of you. It just makes for more interesting gossip. No amount of denying or defending yourself will nip it in the bud. People gossip. It’s a sad fact of life that I must accept, and grow thicker skin for.

2. The way to killing gossip (and not those that spread it) is to simply SHUT UP. Talking will only add fuel to the fire, and maybe even ignite an “explosion”. A.K.A. Pasabog, in Showbiz Fanfare Terms

3. It is not worth the trouble, energy and aggravation. It’s pretty useless defending yourself to people who will still think otherwise. As they say, to those who truly matter, no explanation is necessary. Meanwhile, to those who aren’t your friends to begin with,  no explanation is enough.

4. The world will not always be forgiving. But the people who truly care for you and love you unconditionally, will always be.

5. There is nothing else to do but move on. Dwelling on the past will only make it more difficult to make the most of the present and change the course of your future.

A funny but perhaps, slightly stinging analogy, as suggested by my very cool Mom…

I’m sort of like Emma Stone in Easy A. Except, real life’s  a little more difficult to figure out than the cinematic reel deal.

P.S. Keep yapping. I’ll keep ignoring. 


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