I’m still trying to look for the individual photos. All I have are these collages. Can I say NENE? I let out a major guffaw when I saw the photos. However disturbing, looking at the photos made me quite sentimental. It’s been quite a journey.

Mom, thank you… for doing what you do best, and for giving your children priceless memories and moments to look back on.

Can you believe it’s been almost 7 years? You are the best party planner. EVER. Walang kokontra. Hahaha.

P.S. Wedding ko pala ha. Hahaha. Kidding. Within the decade pa naman. 😉

Details I remember (Sorry, my memory’s gotten SOOO BAAAAD)

  • Theme: Broadway & Vintage Hollywood
  • Edsa Shang
  • Wack Wack Country Club
  • Flapper dress by Dennis Lustico, Red Lace Gown by Randy Ortiz
  • Fireworks by Dragon Fireworks, and of course sponsored by Ninang Mench. Haha.
  • Flowers by Jun Hen
  • Hair and Make Up: Ken & Roman
  • Styling: Eric Pe Benito
  • Photography by Rommel Bundalian
  • Music: Da Capo Instrumentalists, Vince Lahorra
  • Broadway Cake by Maite Gregorio & Candy Sanchez of Cake Concepts
  • Mom’s creative juices brought to life with the help of Nong Narciso (Casa Mercedes), Winnie and Willin Go (Party Perks), etc.

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