Consider Me-self Lucky

I’m one of the lucky ones.

I have a loving (albeit somewhat-sometimes-somekindof crazy) relationship with my siblings. Sure, we have the occasional bouts—of bickering, pickings on and a little crabbiness (Yep, mostly me). But for the most part, we have this genuine bond, an inexplicable love and gratitude for one another.

I always tell people that we learned to cling on to each other early on, to depend on one another and be each other’s lifelines. We learned and continue to learn the value of having a sibling, “sharing a sandwich, getting along” …(Charlie Brown).

Hence, my  “claws out” disposition when reacting to stories or rather, “sumbongs” from my baby sister.

i.e.      “She did what? Does she know I can have her cremated?”  (Totally Kidding.)

            “Who are these people on Formspring—asking you insane uncalled-for and STUPID questions??? And uhh… how j*j# can they get??” (No offense)

As for my brothers, it’s a complicated but co-protective relationship wherein I watch their backs and they watch mine. Growing up with two boys (pre-Bettina days), I learned how fun it could be to be a boy and how un-fun it would also be being just that.

Some consider this to be “A Brady Bunch” type of thing. Some call it ‘Sibling Revelry’ (an obvious pun. Just the way I like it. Ha-ha) Some call it ideal, fleeting and delusional. Nevertheless, I call this rare.

I call it Family.

My siblings (my parents very much included of course) are my family. I say this because (quite obviously), this blog is dedicated to my siblings, Paolo a.k.a Joe, Anton and Bettina. They’ve given me reason to believe that even when the going gets tough, we must keep going. They’ve made me realize how beautiful life can be, if I choose to see it that way. Looking at them, their dreams, achievements and individual lives—it makes me realize how crazy I would be not to keep on, and how selfish I would be not to celebrate their triumphs with them just because I don’t have “victories” of my own as of the moment.

Despite my disappointment with things 2012, the past two months have been quite celebratory for all three siblings of mine—Joe with his impressive exhibit and waiting-to-be-discovered talent, Anton with his internship at Makati Shang-rila and Bettina with her graduation from high school.

I have nothing in my heart but pride, affection and loads of mush. Seeing them and witnessing their respective triumphs allows me to experience happiness and gratitude, in vicarious yet extremely satisfying ways.

Thus, despite my still-unresolved life mission/road/purpose/calling/younameit, they make me see the glass being half full, instead of half empty. They’ve inspired me to go back to whatever it is that makes me happy, fills me with passion and intoxicates me with life. Even without them knowing it, they’ve given me the knocking-some-sense-into-Sab’s stubborn head”.

My siblings constantly catch me. They save me. I truly am one of the lucky ones.

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