Chronicles of Peter Pan: The Opening Week

It was a whirlwind of an opening, with a brief “rendezvous” at the Emergency Room,  a perfect storm (courtesy of Pedring) and a few cuts here and there. 

Nevertheless, the opening week of Peter Pan was truly One Big Adventure. I’m so in love with the Peter Pan cast, it’s gross. Ha-ha! I find myself getting emotional at the thought of all this being over. It’s been an amazing journey with this wonderful cast and I haven’t stopped learning since day one.

(Press Night Photos)

 Like a lass madly in love and obsessed with her lad, I dread the thought of being apart, alone and distant from these people. Call it a separation anxiety but what I hate most after every production is the inevitable “morning after”— that dreadful morning after closing night, when you know you have nothing to do, no rehearsals to rush to, no play to warm up for, and all that Fosse jazz.  When that happens, I usually find myself lying in bed, thinking to myself, “What am I supposed to do now? This sucks.”

(L-R: Me, Oli, Mian, Giansy, Tara and Kakki)

Oli and I, with Seussical’s Geru Gotico!

(The Cast of Repertory Philippines’ PETER PAN)

Months ago, at the peak of my so-called quarter life crisis, I told myself that this could be/should be/might be my last production… but who was I kidding? Who am I kidding? I can NEVER give up theater. Despite whatever “difficulties” (the questions, the instability, blah blah blah) that come with being a thespian, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else or being anywhere else but here. I’m here. And hopefully, here to stay.

I sound like a complete cheese ball but whenever we do the closing number (There’s Always Tomorrow), I look up, stare at the curtains and lights and think to myself, “I am so lucky. I never want to stop doing this”. I ALWAYS tear up (konti lang naman! Ha-ha) whenever we do the Curtain Call. I tear up because the curtain call reminds me of the sad fact of life, that all good things must and will come to an end. So, before that even happens, I’m documenting whatever I can and making the most of this experience!

I thank Peter Pan for teaching me to believe in my dreams again.

And for reminding me to fight for them with passion and guts.

The Opening Week (In Pictures) 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Let me end by sharing some lines from a song that’s kept me going, a song that speaks volumes about the journey of pretty much every theater actor or actress…

“Someone give me a chance 
And just watch me break through, 
I deserve to be seen, 
This dream feels way overdue.

I was born to perform 
More than anyone knows. 
I have passion and guts, 
I want this and it shows.

I have fought, I have cried. 
I’ve been broke, I’ve been bruised. 
Yet at the end of the day 
This life is what I still choose.”

I’m a Star by Scot Alan 

In the next blog: Video Diaries from the Indian Braves, Lost Boys and Pirates!


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