A Different Brand of 23rd

It was a welcome change for me to usher in another year, with a little more quiet and a little less noise.

I guess as you get older, and as you find yourself getting more boring as the days go by, you gravitate towards what’s less complicated and opt for things that require less effort.

I got to spend time with the 3 most important men in my life—my Dad and brothers. The week went by in a zip, eating ourselves to a sleep stupor, and attempting to look all “sporty” by running aimlessly like restless pigs while TRYING to catch the frisbee. I also beat Dad in a game of Foosball (much to my delight) and found myself ogling over all the adorably fat babies.

I spent the evening of my birthday, ordering in with room service (something my Mom would never have approved of, had she been here!) and watching Wall Street, with my 3 beach boys. After way too much oil and sugar in my system, I dozed off, head atop my laptop, only to be roused by my own snore. Pretty glamorous, huh?

I woke up this morning, feeling 10stone heavier and yet “10stone happier”. It was a different brand of 23rd.

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