Play by Play

ImageThis is my first entry for the year. So I’m going for a positive, “no bad vibes here” kind of post. I’m hoping it sets the tone for the duration of the quarter and hopefully the rest of 2014.

There’s no denying that 2013 brought me to my knees. But it would be unfair to say that I didn’t get my share of blessings.  It would also be self-indulgent to harp on MY obstacles. People can only take so much of complaining. (After a while, you just want to shoot or strangle).

Last night’s homily put things in perspective and reminded me not to take life too seriously. It reminded me to rediscover the child in me and to accept life with grace and humility.

We, adults (call it self-proclaimed but yes, I consider myself an adult)….we tend to harp on plans, on goals. We tend to worry about the future. We stress about work and money. We toil and complain about the lack of… everything. (Time, money, purpose, etc). Children on the other hand, take things as they come. Children live in the moment, day by today, play by play. Children adapt and accept.

We were children once. I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to tap into that.

Thus, my overall goal for the year—to rediscover inner child and to look forward to the best that is yet to be.


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