Come out of the Dumpster

When you have loads to say or stuff to get off your chest, it’s best to turn to your sounding board.

Whether you come right out and admit to feeling bad about something or unsuccessfully try to pass it off as a “random thought”, it still feels amazingly comforting when you have someone to just shut up and listen to you when you all you want is to be heard.

If it isn’t already apparent enough, I have some issues in need of sorting and throwing out. Today was one of those days when I was confronted by the frustratingly recurring issue of extreme lack of self-confidence. Sadly, I’m a chick with an ego the size of a pea.

Thank you to my sounding board for giving me a little reminding of the things I often forget, and for enlightening me on the things I ought to take into consideration. While you often fail miserably in maintaining objectivity, you do give me the occasional and much-needed spit in the goggles—eventually providing me with a better and clearer perspective.

For telling me not to put all my eggs into one basket. While it’s true that I often have to be right, I’ll give you this one. It’s something I do have to consider, lest I end up losing all my eggs in a fatal fall. It will do me good to explore other things and to “surprise myself” in other things I might be good, better or best at.

And as I’ve always been told to keep collecting before selecting, to keep looking before leaping and to keep searching before settling, maybe I will. I guess it’s not going to be the end of the world if I’m not sure about anything and everything, if I end up falling flat on my face before things eventually  fall into place. I guess, things will turn out okay for as long as I have at least a few things and people figured out, and for as long as those people have me figured out.

So even if today was rubbish and life’s been garbage, I still have you to help me take it out.


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