To London, with Love.

There are a few times in life when you’re bowled over by something, smitten with someone and just completely floored by life and its endless possibilities. It’s moments like that, moments which, however fleeting, leave you wanting more and more of life.

I realize that while I have the cake, I want to eat it too.

London has been incredibly overwhelming. The traveling nerd that I am, I found myself being just that—NERDY. Ashamed as I am to admit, I did get tears in my eyes while basking in most, if not all, historical landmarks. There I was, clicking away incessantly, trying to snap from every angle, capturing every moment, and in every humanly possible way.

I was dead tired after 4 days of endless walking and shuttling from station to station. Jorja wanted to kill me but thankfully, she was understanding and nice enough to indulge me. Me and my most obsessive compulsive need to see everything and be everywhere.

Allow me to shut up now and let the videos and pictures do the talking. Allow me to share with you this overwhelmingly wonderful and beautiful experience.

I pray that life, as it has done for me, overwhelms you and keeps you wanting more and more of that cake.

Go ahead. Eat it too.


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