Day 1: Heathrow, London & Fareham, England

*I’m copying this verbatim from my newly devirginized diary. My laptop conked out on me on my first day because I forgot to bring a universal adaptor.

So here go my written ramblings and scattered thoughts—the scribbles of my handy dandy notebook.

In hindsight, it was smart of me to bring a journal. I thought the laptop would suffice but I was stupid enough to forget that plugs here were also different. I can be so delusional sometimes about the world being on the same page, and in this case, the same plug.

So,  I survived the flight with the help of this very warm and nurturing Indian stewardess, who pampered me like anything. I felt as if I was getting unwarranted special treatment. She gave me free business class-exclusive perks, even if I was in the economy a.k.a poor class. Ha-ha. She said she was giving me all the perks because I was sick so I didn’t know whether to try to get better or to wallow in my illness. Anyway, I thankfully got through both flights alive. Sick as I am to this second, I am still utterly grateful for EVERYTHING. Thank you, God!

Highlights of Day 1 include:

1. Passing by Jane Austen’s House on the drive to Fareham, England

2. Tunnels of kissing trees,

3. Telephone boxes, of course

3. Old English Homes and Bed and Breakfasts


2 thoughts on “Day 1: Heathrow, London & Fareham, England

  1. Indians are such warm and nurturing people. Looks like you’re having a great time, Berry! Wala ng fake insecurity ah? Go for gold! We need someone to replace Charice on Glee since she is still recovering from Botox.

    • You are so full of your Indian self! Hahaha kidding. But yes, I’d have to agree. I was so grateful she was the one taking care of me! And anong fake insecurity?? Di pa ba obvious that I’m an insecure person? Hahaha but I will go for gold! I’d gladly replace Charice since she’s been mummified by Belo recently. :))

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